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The Hawaii Asthma Initiative (HAI) is a collaboration of partners centered on the promotion, development, and increasing access to comprehensive asthma control services throughout the state of Hawaii. The HAI consists of partners from private and public sectors. Partners include but are not limited to: the Hawaii State Department of Health Asthma Control Program, schools, American Lung Association of Hawaii, the Hawaii Primary Care Association, and other health care providers and internal Department of Health partners. The HAI continues to broaden state, community, and private collaborations in order to serve Hawaii’s high-risk and underserved asthma populations.

The collaborative consist of 5 core components that help guide and prioritize the HAI activities:

  • Leadership
    The HAI leadership mobilizes, engages, and helps guide asthma activities through building strategic partnerships, promoting evidence-based asthma strategies, and data dissemination.
  • Strategic Partnerships
    The HAI leadership is committed to working with all types of partners in order to expand and sustain comprehensive asthma control services. The HAI currently works with schools, community and private health care facilities, non-profits, and with the Hawaii State Department of Health. The HAI is always looking for interested and motivated partners.
  • Strategic Communications
    The HAI is dedicated to providing targeted services to those most at risk for asthma. The Comprehensive State Asthma Surveillance System (CSASS) helps guide asthma activities and communication strategies by providing data on the prevalence of asthma within different geographic regions and populations of Hawaii, as well as hospital emergency department data. Based on surveillance data and evaluation findings, communication efforts can be targeted and adapted to fit the population or community.
  • Evaluation
    Comprehensive asthma control services are evaluated to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and to provide program improvements.
  • Surveillance
    The CSASS helps focus asthma efforts to target area of need. The HAI can develop targeted interventions and communications by analyzing, tracking, and dispersing asthma data to partners and the community.
The HAI is dedicated to creating communities were people with asthma can access comprehensive control services and receive appropriate care based on their individual needs.